Category: Stories of Faith

Following Jesus: The Invitation

Have you ever been in the middle of your everyday, normal day and dreamt about someone coming along to invite you on a grand adventure, or offering you the opportunity of a lifetime? Did you know that there is already an invitation, a grand opportunity waiting for you today? In this week’s episode Chad and I […]

A Quest For Fun: The Road to Family

  It’s great to be back with this all new episode of The First Things Podcast! In this episode Chad and I share about what we’ve been up to, the #clementfamilyquestforfun2018 and our growing family! Listen as we share the good, the bad and the beauty of our 5,000 mile road trip across 13 states […]

Episode 15: God Go With You – Danielle Smith Interview

In this episode we hear the story of the great man behind the iconic Big Ed Burgers! Not only did “Big Ed”, also known as Ed Thompson,  cook burgers and serve them with love, he also left behind a legacy of serving his family as a faithful husband and devoted father. As a young father […]

Episode 14 – Micro-Historian Mary Douglass

Fifteen years ago at our wedding, Aunt Mary gave Chad and I the most interesting and priceless wedding gift. The gift was a book containing the genealogy of Chad’s family dating back to the early 18th century. In this episode, I invited our family historian Aunt Mary Douglass to share colorful stories from our past […]

Episode 13: Judy Abel Luton – My Redeemer Lives

Surely God is good and would not take a mother’s son, surely He would not allow her surviving daughter to die, surely God would not then take her husband! On Episode 14 of The First Things podcast we hear the testimony of Judy Abel Luton. Judy has walked through the valley of the shadow, she […]