Where can we go where we would be out of the presence of God? What kind of darkness would it take to hide us from the holy light of His presence? Psalm 139 tells us that even if we ascend to the Heavens, or make our bed in hell, we cannot outrun the presence of God.

In this episode I interviewed Don Lowrey. Don is a retired electrician and sports official. He is also a public speaker and author of two books, “Officially Christian” and “I Didn’t Have A Prayer, But That’s What Saved Me”. In his book, “I Didn’t Have A Prayer”, Don relives the story of how he was carjacked, violently beaten, shot in the head and left for dead.

The fact that he is still alive to tell his story is a miracle! He said, even though he knew he was physically alone while awaiting rescue, he could feel the presence of God keeping him alive. Listen and be encouraged to know that God watches over His children and is working on our behalf in our weakest, darkest moments.