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A Recipe for Humble Pie

Podcast 9-26-19 Play in new window | Download Android | RSS | More

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I Can’t Believe I’m Telling You This: I Get Angry

In this episode I get real about an area of my life that I have to surrender to the Lord daily. I figured, if anger is something I struggle with, maybe there is someone else who needs some light shed on this issue. I will share helpful insights from The Word of God and book […]

Fellow Workers in the Truth

In this challenging episode I interview my brother James Lane and his wife Jennifer Lane. Over the last eight years God has been working through international mission trips and the adoption of their youngest son from Ethiopia to begin a new ministry through their lives. I’m thankful for the genuine way they share their story, […]

Before You Give Up.

In this episode of The First Things Podcast I want to encourage you, to remind you that God’s presence, protection and provision are promised to His children. Even if the direction He is leading takes us to the front lines of opposition, we can move forward with our confidence firmly rooted in Him. I hope […]

Embrace the Glory

So, we’re a few weeks into the new year. How are we doing so far? Are you meeting all the new expectations you made for yourself, or have you started to feel a little discouraged about the progress you’re making? In this episode, I hope to encourage you by taking some of the pressure off. […]

Start With Me.

Do you want to change the world but are not sure where to begin? Do you have a list of people and circumstances on your prayer list that you are praying desperately for the Lord to change? How often do we humble ourselves and pray, “Lord, Start with me!” “Search me, Know me, Change me.” […]

Following Jesus: It’s (Not) Over!

Before you give up on that situation that seems hopeless, listen to the latest episode of my podcast. In this episode, I share about how easy it is to lose our eternal perspective and fall into despair. Listen to the words of HOPE that Jesus spoke over the sickness and death of His dear friend. […]

Following Jesus – Come and See

In this week’s episode of The First Things Podcast we study the calling out of Nathanael found in the book of John chapter 1:43-51. I hope you’ll listen and be reminded that Jesus sees us, searches our hearts, promises His presence and calls us out for His grand purpose! Play in new window | […]