Episode 12: Mothering By Faith – Diana Lane

I’m so excited to share this special Mother’s Day episode with you! My guest is Diana Lane, My amazing mother! My mother has been a pastor’s wife for over 40 years, co-founder of Citychurch, a homeschool mom of 3 (before it was cool), and Nana to 14 bright grandkids. In this episode, we discuss being […]

Episode 11: Matters Of The Heart Series – Gratitude

“The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.” Psalm 24:1 Do you believe this? That everything belongs to God and every good thing in our life comes from Him? (James 1:17) Having this perspective on life changes everything. This truth humbles our hearts, causes us to be […]

Episode 10: Matters Of The Heart Series – Jenny Broughton

  You will not want to miss hearing the testimony of my friend Jenny Broughton. In Episode 10 of The First Thing’s Podcast Jenny shares how she came to faith in Jesus as a young girl living in the Baptist Children’s Home. Through the Godly influence of her house mother and other caring women, Jenny […]

Episode 09: Stacy Neuschaefer – Laugh, Cry & Pray

Motherhood is serious business! We need our mom friends to laugh, cry and pray with! In this episode, Stacy Neuschaefer shares how early on in her life as a mom she knew she was going to need help from the Lord. She began attending a weekly Moms In Prayer Group and devoted time each week […]

Episode 08: Matters Of The Heart Series – Mrs. Mack interview

  With Mother’s Day approaching, we are beginning a new series on The First Things Podcast called, “Matters Of The Heart”. In this series we will hear amazing stories from women who have led with their heart and given their best to care for the people God placed in their lives.  In this episode we […]

Episode 07- Mona Sabah Earnest: A Former Muslim’s View of The Cross

  In this episode we will hear a beautiful testimony from Author and Speaker Mona Sabah Earnest, a former muslim woman who’s eyes were open to the truth of the Gospel. Mona’s desire to truly know God lead her to facing the truth about her inability to earn her way into a relationship with Him. […]

Episode 06: It’s Not Over Series – Sarah Hammer

In this episode we discuss the difficult subject of unplanned pregnancy. In my interview with Sarah Hammer she shares her story of going from being a kid in the youth group, having grown up in church, to finding out she was pregnant her senior year of high school. God has been faithful to lead Sarah […]

Episode 05: It’s Not Over Series with Sarah Boggs

Have you ever just asked God to TELL you what to do so you can KNOW His will? So many times we cry out for a clear calling, all the while neglecting to follow the simple instruction found in God’s Word. On this week’s episode we get to hear from Sarah Boggs. Almost three years […]

Episode 04: It’s Not Over Series with Meredith Shafer

On this first episode of the “It’s Not Over” series we get to hear from my friend Meredith Shafer. Meredith is an author, speaker, veteran’s wife, mom of four kids and founder and CEO of S.T.O.R.M (Strategic Treatment Options and Recovery Ministries). Along with her husband George, Meredith has overcome PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety and […]

Episode 03: Learning a New Way

“Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from Him.” Psalm 127:3 We should not feel alone in the trenches of parenting. If God has entrusted you with the life of a child, then it is a call to seek wisdom and guidance. This is why I’m so thankful for the conversation […]